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CASIA partners


Thanks to our partner EIZO, CASIA is able to use state of the art monitors. With over 45 years of technical expertise, EIZO is dedicated to developing innovative and high quality visual display solutions for a wide range of markets including mission-critical fields such as air traffic control. With successful bonds with numerous ATC system integrators worldwide, EIZO continues to invest, grow, and excel in providing the ATC sector with the most extensive lineup of visual display solutions in the industry.

What we are using

Raptor 2K x 2K Primary Control Monitors
EIZO has been an industry-leader in the innovation and development of quality primary control monitors for ATC since 2005. CASIA is equipped with the latest in EIZO's line of primary control monitors including its 5th generation 2K x 2K primary control monitor which features a direct LED backlight system, a sleek design, and operational reliability.

FlexScan Auxiliary Monitors
EIZO's range of auxiliary monitors offer numerous ergonomic features such as a flicker-free screen, blue light reduction, automatic brightness control, and a highly flexible stand. Specific models have a "flat and frameless design" with ultra-thin bezels making them ideal for auxiliary applications in multi-monitor environments. A fully flat touch panel monitor is also equipped in the centre for applications which require a touch interface.

FlexScan Touch Panel Monitors
EIZO's FlexScan multi-touch monitor is optimized for comfort and durability. It has a fully flat design for seamless touch operation and comes equipped with numerous ergonomic features such as flicker-free images and reduced blue light to prevent eye fatigue.

Re/Vue Recording & Streaming Solutions
The Re/Vue Series of video recording and streaming solutions features industry-leading lossless compression ratios of 8,000:1 to 30,000:1 for typical ATC data. Single and dual-channel solutions are offered for resolutions of up to 2K x 2K and 4K x 2K.

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